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Trading Simulator:
Use $1000 bonus to learn trading
Lead, win, up to $10,000 monthly!
Forever Free! No hidden fees. We will show everything, provide everything, and teach everything. Our goal is to find those who are capable of thinking broadly.
49 days 4 hours and 29 minutes
Est. reward
1640 USDT
πŸ‘€ Buycrypt features
What features are available to you out of the box after start on BuyCrypt
Trading Tournaments
Take part in trading tournaments for guaranteed prizes and respect in community
Top Traders Leaderboard
Participating in Leaderboard brings prestige, recognition, and competitive advantage.
Free Education
Learn from Top traders lessons in simulated market environments, risk-free.
Win up to 10.000$!
Arrive with nothing, excel in training, and earn a scholarship up to $10,000 in real USDT!
Trading terminal
Excellent basic platform for learning trading.
Global Market Access
Trade a variety of assets across global markets with BuyCrypt.
πŸ‘€ By in tune with the community
Join Telegram chat not to miss raffles, tournament announcements
and just have fun with other traders

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All assets are LIVE displayed in your Portfolio
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Keep your finger on the pulse with Eyes on it. Our platform provides with real-time updates and insightful market trends at a glance.
πŸ’Ή Track Spot and Futures markets
πŸ”” Price Alerts
πŸ’› Favorite coins
Expand your trading experience with what we call β€œFast Trade” Mode
πŸ“ˆ Spot and Futures trading
πŸš€ Fast Trade mode
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Top Traders
Track scores performance, follow the best ones, and become a Top Trader
β€πŸš€ List of best Futures traders
🏁 Personal trading score
πŸ’Έ Sholarship opportunity
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A command center of the app, where you can adjust the experience and make it yours.
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βš™οΈ FAQ
What is BuyCrypt?

BuyCrypt is an educational platform for cryptocurrency trading simulation. We offer interactive courses, expert webinars, and step-by-step guides for learning cryptocurrency trading without real financial risks.

Why is there no real money trading on BuyCrypt?

Our mission is education and training. BuyCrypt is designed to enhance trading skills in a risk-free, simulated environment, using real market data for education, but without the use of real money.

How can I win in BuyCrypt's monthly draw?

Participants who achieve top positions in our monthly leaderboard can win prizes. This encourages active and successful participation in simulations, highlighting the educational aspect of the platform.

Is BuyCrypt a gambling platform?

No, BuyCrypt is strictly an educational platform. We do not offer gambling or services related to real cryptocurrency trading. Our goal is to provide a safe and informative learning environment.

How does BuyCrypt ensure transparency and fairness?

We transparently communicate all aspects of our platform, including the absence of real money trading and a focus on educational resources. All simulations are based on real market data, and we strictly adhere to age restrictions and ethical standards.

How do I get started?

To start, you won't need to undergo KYC or any other verification processes, just log in to the platform using your Google or Apple account. Once logged in, we provide you with an account containing a virtual $1000. You can then enter any open tournament without any fees or additional requirements.